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  • 2019-02-13




Place of tour: Bukhara region

Tour duration:
2 days

Number of people in the group:
45-50 people

Price per person:
________________ Sum



06:30 — Meet travelers.

08: 00-10: 00 — Departure to
Abdukhalik Gijduvani Complex. Visiting the complex. The Gijduvani World is the
tenth periphery of the Porsche series, and is the first of the puzzles in Buor.
It is the founder of the series.

10: 30-11: 00 — Visiting
Khorgos Orph Revgary Complex. Khoja Mohammad Arif Ar Rawghari — Khoja Arifi is
also known as Mohitobon. He lived for more than a hundred years and died in

11: 25-12: 00- Visiting the
Khoja Mahmoud Fig Fountain Complex. Khoja Mahmud Fagnaviy lived in the
present-day Angirbog (formerly called Anjirfagna) in Vobkent district. Hoje
Mahmood Anjir Fagnavi’s profession was a shrewd one.

12: 15-12: 40-Khoja Ali
Romitaniy (Hoja Aziz). Khoja Ali Romitani — known as Hoja Azizon. This breed
was born in Romitan district in 1195. He is one of the founders of the Quran.

12: 40-13: 00 -Hoja Muhammad
Boboy Samosi. He was born in 1259 in Romitan, where he died 1354 years. From
the sheikhs of the Khojagon-Naqshbandi sect, the fifth of the Bukhoro-Porch,
the fifth ring in the Silsilai Sharif.

13: 00-14: 00- Lunch

14: 00-16: 00 — Sayyid Amir
Kulol. He was the sixth resident of Bukhara, and he lived for 89 years. Their
original names, Sayyid Amir Kalon, are known as Sayyid Amir Kulol because of
their ceramics.

16: 15-18: 00 -Hoja Bahouddin
Naqshband. Bahouddin Muhammad was born in 1318 in Bukhara’s Qasr Hinduvon
(later known as Qasri Orifon). Bahouddin Nakshband is one of the brightest
founders of the Nakshbandi teaching method.

00-19: 00 Dinner (with concert program)

19: 00-20: 00 Placement in the hotel and rest


08: 00-09: 00- Breakfast (at
the hotel)

09: 30-12: 00 — Excursion to
the Summer Palace of Bukhara Ami: Visiting Sitorai Mohi Khossa Complex. Amir
Alimkhan’s summer palace is a palace garden dating back to the third generation
of the Mangit dynasty in Bukhara. A new palace was built during the reign of
Amir Alimkhan (1910 — 1920). Mohi Hossa Square is an old palace with 6,7 g,
with 3 bricks and many rooms.

Ark’s Amir Olimkhan’s winter
palace is located in the courtyard of which is the main guesthouse of Amir and
the basements of its surroundings, the courtyard, slabs, basements and sandals.

Traveling on the historical
monuments of Bukhara: Visiting the Tomb of Samanids. The Tomb was built during
the Middle Ages (IX-X centuries). It was built between 864-868 in the old city
of Bukhara. Excursion around Chashmai Ayub Mausoleum. Traveling to Bolo Chain

Continuation of the excursion:
Poyi Kalon (Minorai Kalon, Masjidi Kalon, Miri Arab), Taha — Traveling on
commercial complexes. Tour excursion to Ulughbek, Abdulazizan madrassas, Magoki
Atari mosque in the old city. Get acquainted with the history of the Labi Hovuz
complex (the Kukeldash madrasah, the Nadir devonbegi temple, the statue of
Nasriddin Afandi).

13: 00-14: 00- Dinner in
National Cuisine.

14:30 — Watching the visitors.

The tour price includes:

Our Revivs:


Teл: +99865 221 40 54

         +99891 412 01 04

         +99891 410 27 98

          +99899 351 27 98 

 Transportation;

 Museum entrance tickets;

 GID Services;

 Lunch

 Dinner

 Hotel + Breakfast

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